Hire Professional Cleaners To Keep Away Coronavirus

With the outbreak of the pandemic, cleanliness is a thing that is more accentuated than ever. On top of the daily cleaning tasks & routines, disinfecting your home is even more essential. It ensures your health & your household safety.

Transmission of covid-19 takes place from person-to-person, but it can sustain itself on surfaces for hours. The health department has passed guidelines to clean & disinfect the high-touch surfaces at least once a day. It is essential to do so, not because you touched it, but due to any item such as mail or food delivery might come in, and retains a possibility of exposure to the virus.

The virus lives in the air for up to 3 hours, on surfaces for up to 24 hours. While on plastic & steel items, it lives up to 3 days. So just in case, you think your house is contaminated, you should know who to call..

Mack Professional Cleaners Melbourne is the best cleaning services provider. We at Mack Cleaners, have dealt with houses and offices that needed pre & post-Covid situation.

Below We Have Enlisted Some Ways To Help You Keep Your Home Safe & Germ-Free.

Ask For Professional Help:

Prevention is better than cure. Keeping your house clean & disinfecting everything you get from outside is the best way to prevent any infections. But, when you know that things are out of your control, you call us.
We are the experts in killing any infections & viruses. We ensure 99.99% success rate of killing germs & viruses.

Regular Hand Wash:

The vigorous 20 second scrub of hands with water is not something that came because of Coronavirus. It has been a standard hygiene instruction by health departments. So, no matter what you do, the best way to lower your risk of contracting COVID-19 is to wash your hands.

Always Sanitize Everything:

Cleaning is one thing, sanitizing is another. Due to the current pandemic situation, we are sure for one thing, to sanitize each & everything deeply. Make it a habit of spraying sanitizer/disinfectants on all items you get from the market.

How Does a Professional Cleaner Help Keeping Away Coronavirus?

Though we have talked about how you can keep your premises clean, you still need a professional cleaner to clean every nook & corner of the house. Once you make your mind of hiring a professional cleaner, your home is already in good hands. Below are the perks of it:

Many of you believe that you have done a great job while cleaning, but the fact is experts do it better. With the use of skills & equipment, we hold the ability to clean the place where you can’t reach.

Not only this, we provide deep cleaning services for every part of your house. Be it interior or exterior, open areas or washrooms, we cover it all. By using industrial strength Sanitisers& disinfectants, we kill every germ and infection present.

Professional Cleaners Melbourne

Know The Difference Between Cleaning & Disinfecting

There is a big difference between cleaning & disinfecting. The process of cleaning involves removing the dirt or spills from the surfaces. Whereas disinfecting kill viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning involves the use of soap & water, removing the germs from surfaces physically. On the other hand, disinfecting kills the germs from surfaces or objects using chemicals or fumigants.

However, not all products are effective on all types of germs & viruses, so it’s imperative to know which products will effectively kill Coronavirus in your house. You might use well-known disinfectants in your home, while the ones used by us, for professional cleaning services are exclusive & kill 99.99% of the allergens, viruses & bacteria.

To disinfect your house, professionals follow techniques in anonymous ways. It is crucial to follow them to ensure the success of the cleaning process.

Steps That We Follow To Ensure Your Safety

Inspect your place: Once you have us on board, our team will inspect your premises and examine the kind of job required. We will collect the information, and decide the equipment’s, disinfectants required. After that our team will get the work started by bringing in all the necessary things.

Pre-Disinfecting & Cleaning:

In the times of pandemic, it is necessary to disinfect before cleaning. Majority of the cleaning gets done in less time when disinfection has already taken place. Mack professional cleaners with their team effectively disinfect the floors, countertops, desks, floors & windows that you tend to touch more often.

Deep Cleaning:

One of the most crucial steps of eradicating the dust, germ & killing viruses is getting a deep cleaning. Disinfecting would kill, but cleaning is also vital. Our process of deep cleaning includes manual cleaning, trigger spraying and misting application.

Cleaning & disinfecting is a two-way process. Even if you plan to hire a professional cleaner Melbourne, you still need to make sure you’re cleaning & disinfecting yourself too.

To know more about our services, visit https://mackcleaners.com.au/
For hiring one of our premia disinfecting and cleaning service, contact Mack Cleaners Australia, via contact us page or by booking online.

Now take a seat back & relax when you hire us

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