How to Clean Apartment Bathroom in 9 Easy Steps

Apartment cleaners have tons of experience in cleaning apartment bathrooms through a stepwise procedure. They ensure that their client’s washroom is spick and span. Apartment cleaners aim to provide the best cleaning services with a 100% service guarantee. They are in this industry for decades and use top-notch cleaning equipment with environmentally friendly cleaning substance. Client Satisfaction and happiness is their foremost principle. They ensure that the bathroom does not emit any foul smell with a look that exceeds the client’s expectations.

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9 Steps to Clean Apartment Bathrooms | Mack Cleaners from Mack Cleaners

Apartment Cleaners Follow A Step-By-Step Procedure To Make Their Client’s Washroom Immaculate:

1. Remove All The Products

It is the first step required after entering the bathroom. Apartment Cleaners consider it as the most crucial step in the process. Remove all the products from the shower, washbasin, toilet, and floor. The products include towels, rugs, toiletries, loofahs, mops, containers, and more. Take all the products from the counters and cabinets in the bathroom. Once the washroom is free from all the products, it is ready for in-depth cleaning.

2. Cleaning All The Fabric Items

Apartment Cleaners believe in starting with small objects first. It involves cleaning the towels, rugs, bath mats, and more. Our team first washes the fabric products with eco-friendly cleaning substances and updated equipment. Apartment cleaners aim to give the bathroom a fresh feel and getting rid of the foul smell caught up in the fabric products. Our team of Apartment Cleaners ensures that they segregate all the products before cleaning them.

3. Dusting And Sweeping

Apartment Cleaners ensure that they eradicate all kinds of dust, stains, allergens, virus, bacteria, breeding grounds, cobwebs, and more. Our Apartment Cleaners team ensure that they use the equipment that cleans those corners where dust gets accumulated. Our equipment helps to reach the floor and light fixtures easily. Once getting rid of the dust, the next task is sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the washroom surface. It picks up the loose hair, debris and dust stuck within the bathroom tiles.

4. Applying The Cleaning Solution

Once the bathroom is dust and germ-free, the next step is to apply the cleaning solution on showers, bathtubs, and washbasin. Our Apartment Cleaners use environmentally friendly cleaning substance that are efficient and effective. Apartment Cleaners ensure that they soak these objects for a sufficient time. Our team has extensive experience in tackling serious build-up problems in the bathroom.

The Next Steps Focus On A Deeper Cleaning Of The Bathroom

5. Focus On Other Surfaces

Once the shower, bathtub, and washbasin are soaked in the solution adequately, the next course of action is getting to the other surfaces. Apartment Cleaners ensure that a spirit of safety and trust prevails in the client’s mind. Our Apartment Cleaners ensure that they spray the cleaning solution on the bathroom surface. Our team uses sponge, micro-fibre and other cleaning equipment to clean the entire surface appropriately. It involves the floor, shelves, towel racks, windows, baseboards, and the roof. Our qualified team makes sure that they don’t lose track of what they have already cleaned.

6. Getting Back To The Shower, Bathtub, And Washbasin

Once the objects are in the cleaning solution for a while, the next step is making them spick and span. The soaking does much of the hard work for you. After soaking, our apartment cleaners lightly scrub to lose the dirt and the build-up. After the scrubbing, our team ensures to rinse down the objects. After cleaning up the shower, place the products back. Before placing them, ensure that you clean and dry them properly.

7. Getting To The Sink

It is mandatory to clean the sink properly. The sink is the most used equipment in the bathroom. Our Apartment Cleaners ensure that they focus on the minute details while cleaning the sink. The sink includes the faucet, the boundary of the sink, countertops, and more. Besides the sink, apartment cleaners also focus on cleaning the mirror properly. They ensure that the mirror is spotless. It leaves a good impression on the guests and the residents.

8. Cleaning The Toilet

The toilet is the place where germs accumulate the most. The germs are, namely, algae, stains, allergens, bacteria, and more. If toilets are not paid attention to as per the quality standards, it emits a foul smell. Apartment Cleaners clean the flush appropriately by scrubbing it with their effective cleaning solution. They get rid of the build-up with a cleaner, specifically made for cleaning toilets. Once the scrubbing gets over, our Apartment Cleaners wipe the entire flush with a clean cloth. Our Apartment Cleaners provide cleaning services that are efficient and durable.

9. Mopping The Floor

Once the cleaning is nearly over, the time is to mop and clean the floor. Our Apartment Cleaners team use warm water, mops, cleaning solution, and other equipment. Once the washroom floor is dry, place the bathroom rugs, garbage bins, and other objects. Our Apartment Cleaners also use handheld vacuum cleaners to ensure they leave no stone unturned while cleaning their client’s bathroom.


On the whole, apartment bathroom cleaning is mandatory for the people. The steps must get followed in chronological order to clean the mess accurately & adequately. Mack Cleaners Melbourne has an experienced team of Apartment Cleaners that tries to reach their clients at the earliest. We have a clientele of over 1200 satisfied clients. Our Apartment Cleaners have made a mark in the cleaning industry by providing personalised cleaning services to their reputed clients.