Leave your Apartment Sparkling with Our Easy Move out Cleaning Checklist

Move Out Cleaning Melbourne is a lot easier if you have a checklist. It enhances the workflow and makes smoothens the cleaning process. The list helps an individual do it in an organized manner. End of Lease Move Out Cleaning Checklist provides you an insight into what things are on priority. We have a professional checklist designed to benefit and organize the cleaning process.

You either get the move out cleaning Melbourne checklist from your landlords or the broker. It is required to let you get your bond money back when the lease deed ends. It is mandatory to keep a checklist. It ensures that everything is clean and the property is damage-free.

Below are the Move out Cleaning Melbourne Checklists for Different Areas of Your House:

Move Out Cleaning Melbourne Kitchen Checklist

• Nooks & corners of the slabs
• Hard surfaces
• inside and outside of appliances
• Behind the refrigerator
• Dusting and cleaning windows
• Removing rust from Stovetop, if any

Move Out Cleaning Melbourne Bathroom Checklist

• Disinfect everything
• Clean knobs and taps
• Wash & dry towels
• Remove used soaps
• Sweeping and drying the floor
• Cleaning windows
• Dusting the Exhausts

Move out Cleaning Melbourne Checklist

• Empty the cupboards
• Dust the rooms
• Change the sheets & curtains
• Vacuum carpets & rugs
• Mend broken blinds or furniture
• Empty trash
• Check the electric points

Below are some key points to consider while starting with the end of lease cleaning Melbourne:

Handover the Keys:

The first thing that a landlord demands is the keys to the house. If the key is lost, hire a locksmith and get the keys made. If you have a broken lock, get that fixed. It is a prerequisite to pass the cleaning inspection.

Get the Repairs Done:

If a tenant gets broken windows, doors, knobs repaired, it is a plus point. Hence the best way to tackle any damage is to find a replacement. Make repairs that fit the budget and make adjustments accordingly. Never go overboard, don’t get those things fixed which, were broken from the very beginning.

Paint and Paste the Damaged:

A tenant needs to be cautious if he has kids who love painting on the walls. Hiring bond back cleaners Melbourne is crucial. They listen to your needs for residential cleaning and work accordingly. Get the walls painted before the agent inspection. Apart from it, there may be torn wallpapers, large holes due to brackets, and more damages.

Replace the Broken Lights:

If some lights are not in good condition, then the tenant has to bear the burden to replace them before moving out. Add light fixtures, check the batteries, and mend the smoke detectors to avoid any conflicts when the inspection takes place.

Empty your Stuff:

Before handing over the keys to your landlord, always cross-check and make sure everything is covered. Because if you do, chances are landlords might hire someone to get it removed. One should always check the storage areas, closets, and everything before leaving the rented premise.

If you have hired professional cleaners Melbourne to get your job done, don’t worry about anything. Residential cleaners Melbourne are equipped with all the essentials required. They aim to give an experience of satisfaction while moving out. If you don’t hire move out cleaning Melbourne, we have made a list of things that make the job easier while cleaning.

Below are some moving out cleaning essentials to help you get the workload done easy and quick.:

Cleaning Agents:

There are plenty of cleaning agents in the market. Before buying any cleanser, it is imperative to research for the best. Move out cleaning Melbourne is a task that requires wood cleaners, bathroom cleaners, bleaching agents & some white vinegar with soda for tough stains. We assure that, after using these all cleaning essential no corner will be left untidy. Everything will be spick & span.

Cleaning Tools:

Tools are an integral part of cleaning. Tools such as broom, mop, rubber gloves, vacuum cleaner, dustpan, and more are must-haves. Without these tools, you cannot achieve the required level of cleanliness.


Now that you’re fully aware of the requirements, you can excel and achieve the ultimate clean. With these guidelines, tenants can get their bond money back and moving out cleaning will be a piece of cake. However, you can always ask us for our cleaning services Melbourne. We offer a wide range of cleaning services from end of lease cleaning Melbourne, residential cleaning services, commercial cleaning services Melbourne, and more.